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90x 90 x 90 cm.

Single-trip FIBC (safety factor SF=5 :1)

Priced: Indiviually

Outer Pack Size: 250 units (discount on full pack)

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Product Details

An FIBC is a flexible container, sometimes called a "big bag" or "bulk bag" or "builders bag". FIBCs are suitable for any free-flowing material in powder, granular or flake form. They are lifted from above by conventional handling equipment such as forklift trucks and cranes. They are the most cost-effective packaging and transport unit load system of all, as they require no secondary packaging or pallets.

Single-trip FIBCs (safety factor SF = 5 : 1) These bags are designed and intended to be used for one filling only. An FIBC of this category cannot be reused.

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