Breaker Steels 32mm (1.1/4") Shank

Hex shank breaker steels to suit breakers with a 32mm x 160mm hexagonal shank.

These steels are made from hardened tempered chrome vanadium steel, finished in a corrosion resistant surface finish. We stock a range of different steels to suit different applications:

Points & narrow chisels – Mortising & demolition work in masonry & concrete, restoring joints & clearing reinforcements.

Wide chisels – Removing roughcasting and layers of dirt, removing concrete residues from formwork boards & restoring steels.

Tarmac/Asphalt cutters – Restoration of tarmac/asphalt coverings.

Tamping Pads – Compacting soil, gravel & aggregates. Also known as a punner foot.

Stem – To suit the pad.

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