Petrol Chainsaws

Petrol Chainsaws 


  • Agriculture & Landscaping

    Ideal farmers and landscapers, Designed for landscape maintence and for cutting firewood and timber

  • Forestry Work

     Powerful and responsible, designed to help you tackle any professional task,for all forestry, felling,branch trimming and bucking jobs, high perfromance, low weight and superb comfort and convenience and many models are fitted with fully electronic engine management systems.

  • Firewood & Grounds Maintenance

     Ideal for domestic users and woodcrafts,excellent for cutting firewood,for grounds maintenance,for felling small trees and for building with wood

  • Emergency Services Chainsaws

    Designed for emergency operations and fire fighting, special saw chain with carbide alloy plating and tremendous perfromances in the medium rpm range

  • Picco Duro 3

    Ideal for occasional and professional users, carbide-tipped saw chains that stay sharp up to tens times longer and particulary well suited for dirty wood.