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Norton Asphalt & Abrasive Materials

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Norton Asphalt & Abrasive Materials

Very long life. Highly recommended for all types of abrasive materials. Not recommended for medium and hard materials. A range of hard bonds, all highly resistant to wear.


  • Duo Asphalt


    Unique laser welded blade suitable for asphaly and abrasive materials. Due to its innovative design, the Duo Asphalt is easy to use, extremely fast cutting and guarantees an accurate cut and ver long life.

  • Super Asphalt Evo


    Very good value for money laser welded blade for intensive use and long life in Asphalt and abrasive materials (dry or wet cutting). Featuring patented depth indicator for blade life monitoring and indication of cutting direction (up to diameter 450mm).

  • Classic Asphalt


    Good value for money laser welded blade for dry or wet cutting.