Diamond Blades

Diamond Blades 


  • Norton Atlas GP
  • Norton Clipper 4x4 Explorer+

     Excellent cutting speed in all building materials, long product life and comfortable usage with all types of construction equipment.

  • Norton Clipper Silencio

    The new generation of silent diamond blades

    This revolutionary blade features a new technology to provide an unprecedented noise-dampening effect, reaching reductions of up to 15dB (A) which is 30 times less noise than standard blades. The laser welded blades can cut wet or dry and the 15mm segments are designed for long life and fast cutting.

    Setting a new standard for the construction industry, Norton Silencio has already been granted with 8 innovation and health & safety awards.

  • Norton Asphalt & Abrasive Materials

    Very long life. Highly recommended for all types of abrasive materials. Not recommended for medium and hard materials. A range of hard bonds, all highly resistant to wear.

  • Norton Concrete & Concrete Products
  • Norton Building Materials
  • Norton Tiles & Natural Stones

    Our range of blades for cutting granite and natural stone