Screeding Tools

Screeding Tools 


  • Hand Tampers

    This is literally a step up from using a plank with no bending down required as the handles allow it to be used from a standing position.  A lightweight, ridged, flat and smooth aluminium beam fitted with two sets of handles makes the job of tamping and leveling concrete so much easier and more efficient than using a plank.

  • Single Beam Screeder

    A time saving and easy to use surface screeder. Use off formwork or screed rails or free screed without. Fast and simple vibrating, striking off and smoothing.

  • Double Beam Screeder

    Double Beam Screeders have an engine and vibrator unit mounted centrally on two parallel beams.  Double beam screeders are pulled via handles at each end or by a centre mounted handle. High vibration force is suitable for low slump (stiff) concrete and will penetrate deeper than a single beam screed.

  • Roller Strikers (Bunyan/Errut Ends)

    Precise and Reliable concrete striking. With adaptable components to fully utilise any existing Tubes or Drives The spining tube pulls a surcharge of concrete forward, leaving a flat surface with a stronger, even distribution of aggregate.