Concrete & Cement Tools

Concrete & Cement Tools 


  • Mixers

    Our range of mixers for a wide range of uses.

  • Concrete Pokers

    Our range of concrete pokers and drive units.  The vibrating action of the head causes the surrounding concrete to vibrate. As the aggregate and cement slurry of the concrete vibrates the mix becomes more fluid. This allows air that will have been trapped in concrete during the mixing process to form bubbles that then rise to surface, out of the concrete. 

  • Concrete Chainsaws

    Our range of chainsaws for cutting concrete.

  • Screeding Tools

    Our range of tools for tamping and striking off concrete slabs.

  • Power Floats

    Power trowels can be used to create very durable and flat surfaces. The finish can be non-dusting and perfect for the later application of floor paints. 

  • Hand Tools

    Small areas and edges can be hand floated and trowelled.  Start With a float to flatten off the surface then trowel as the concrete cures increasing the angle and pressure as the concrete dictates.