Single Ladders

Single Ladders 


  • SL Heavy-Duty Single, Z600

    A range of very durable ladders with black anodised wear resistant styles, a wall piece at the top to allow the ladder to rest securely and wide 60 mm rungs with non slip ribbing for comfort and extra safety.  Capable of supporting a maximum of 250 kg.

  • Trade Single, Z500

    A range of very light but still extremely stable ladders. Made from extruded aluminium sections. Standard 30 mm rungs.  These ladders comply with industrial standard DIN EN 131, the stipulations of BGV D 36 and guideline BGI 694.  Capable of supporting a maximum load of 150 kg.

  • Starline S+ Single Ladders

    Economical single ladders.  Certified to EN 131.  Capable of supporting a maximum of 150 kg.

  • Telescopic

    One ladder with multiple telescopic height options. Rung by rung height adjustment. Treads lock automatically during extension. Extra wide treads are comfortable to use. Wear resistant with anodised stiles. Fits easily into car boot or cupboard. A great ladder for surveys or at home with limited storage space.